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No "Junque", just high quality furnishings like your Great-Grandparents made!

We love antiques. They represent a quality of workmanship that seems to be missing from much of our world today. As we have traveled around the country over the years, we've collected some wonderful pieces -- far too many to put in our own home. Old World Mercantile is the result of our nationwide antique searches - we've brought the best back to Utah and they are now available to you.

Old World merchandiseAbout Our Furniture

Some customers have asked if our furniture is in "original" (i.e. collectible) condition. The answer is "yes, whenever possible." However, we have a different philosophy here. This furniture is meant to be USED, not placed on display somewhere. If we obtain a piece in "original, collectible" condition, it will be marked (and priced) accordingly. If we obtain a piece that has beautiful workmanship but is in poor condition (and would therefore not be sellable as a collectible item), we will refurbish it so that it can be used in your home or office.

All furniture sold by Old World Mercantile has been carefully hand-selected by our owners for its beauty and usability. We're sure you will be pleased with the quality!   In addition to antique and restored furniture, we also sell accessory items such as lamps, vases, jars, and some unique items such as spinning wheels... and you'll find a selection of handmade quilts and blankets, toy bags, and candies as well.

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